What’s in a name: Was Libra named a decade ago in the halls of Harvard?



How different would your life be if your name was something else altogether?

How would that affect your childhood, your early days in primary school, your college applications or your job prospects, would it be any different? Naming ceremonies, in various traditions, are often an integral part of a person’s life, often derived from a historic being or highly-sought value, with convolutions of ancestry and customs riddled into a series of alphabets that will stay with you for as long as you live.

Or it can be throwing billion – dollars worth of ‘shade’ to a decade-long college fight. Well, it looks like the twin towers are once again in the shadow of Menlo Park, at least, as far as names go.

There have been many pertinent questions surrounding the topic of Facebook’s cryptocurrency foray, how will the billion dollar project revolutionize the payments world? Can the world trust Facebook following its privacy debacle of 2018? what exactly is the nature of the fiat-backing of the Libra? What role will the $10 million buy-in consortium of MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and others have in the project? But, without a doubt, the most important question is – Why the name Libra?

A connected party that has had several sleepless nights following Facebook unveiling their cryptocurrency project with the name Libra was certainly the Winklevoss twins, Cameron, and Tyler Winklevoss. Having a long documented history with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, the Winklevi have been combatants at Harvard, nearly a decade ago, in courtrooms with ConnectU and now in the cryptocurrency space.

The connection between the two parties is, as they say, written in the stars; and coincidently or strategically, both their crypto-projects are named after Zodiac signs.

With several reports emerging immediately prior to the Libra unveiling that the FB ‘GlobalCoin,’ project would eat up the Gemini USD [GUSD] market, leaving Tether [USDT] rattled as well, you could draw the correlation to another tussle between the Harvard alumni, and with their names being not so dissimilar, at least in source, several jibes were thrown.

Why the name ‘Libra’

Ben Mezrich, a best-selling author who has documented the tidings of both Facebook and Gemini in relation to their founder(s), via his books The Accidental Billionaires and Bitcoin Billionaires, stated that there was a lot more to the name “Libra,” than the spearheads would like the public to believe.

In the Unconfirmed Podcast with Laura Shin, Mezrich stated that the name “Libra,” is a “personal” hit against the Winklevoss twins’ crypto rise and not a mere coincidence. Libra, in the authors’ opinion, is both “exciting” as the ‘end’ is a future that is digital-assets focused and “terrifying,” as Facebook is the means to that future.

“I really don’t think this is a coincidence. How does he call it Libra? He is fully aware of the twins in Gemini.”

Reiterating the history of Zuckerberg as a computer hacker, breaking into Harvard computers and creating a “web page” making fun of Cameron Winklevoss, the author stated that he “wouldn’t put it past him [Zuckerberg]” to contort this name strategically in order to eclipse the Gemini twins.

David Marcus, the spearhead of Project Libra, and VP of Messaging Applications at Facebook hit back at Mezrich, with reference to the name of the cryptocurrency project in just two words. He tweeted,

On asked, by Mezrich, if the name was a “complete coincidence,” rather than a scaled attack at the Winklevoss twins by Facebook, complying with Zuckerberg early antics that resulted in several tussles with the twins, Marus lay this theory to rest. Instead, the former PayPal executive drew out a multi-lingual derivation for the name ‘Libra,’ with not even an afterthought being spared for a Libra-Gemini connection.

Marcus explained,

If it’s mere semantics or a subtle jab, only time will tell.


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