Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun: will surpass EOS in terms of dApps at the end of January 2019



Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, is well-known for his claims regarding the network’s progress. Importantly, Tron was under the spotlight because of Sun’s claims that it would surpass Ethereum [ETH], the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the leading smart contract platform in the space.

Along with this, Sun has also grasped the attention of the space because of his striking statements against well-known players on the space, including his on-going brawl with Vitalik Buterin. Currently, the Founder is back in the market with another prominent promise to the community.

Sun stated on his official Twitter handle:

#TRON grows rapidly and has 83 Dapps in @dapp_review now! Mission accomplished! We will surpass EOS on the number of Dapps (now 259) at the end of January, 2019!”

This comes in the limelight after Sun had stated that Tron’s dApps will be surpassing the 80-mark by the end of December 2018, in the month of November 2018. To achieve the same, the Foundation has been focusing on making the network developer friendly. Additionally, the Foundation also introduced Tron Arcade, a game fund of $100 million, which would focus towards the development of the ecosystem for the next three years.

JimmyFranken 1, a Tron enthusiast said:

“The kid bursts of confidence, as he should though… #TRON is changing the game!”

Jules, a Twitterati said:

“Hopefully he’s working just as hard on project atlas as he is on these dapps!”

AR, another Twitterati said:

“Except one or two all of them useless dApps, please make utility dApps that will make #tron to reach higher level!for instance @tronchatdapp.”

Additionally, the Founder recently put forth a proposal for the developers currently based on the Ethereum and EOS platform. Here, Sun has stated that the Foundation would start a fund to “rescue” Ethereum and EOS developer, however, they would be required to meet one condition. The condition is that the developers will be required to shift from their respective platform to Tron.


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