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June Updates for Trezor devices & Wallet — Trezor One

Zcash Overwinter ● Cashaddr ● Expanded coin support

Trezor One firmware version 1.6.2 was released on Monday, June 25th.

Recovery seed advisory

Please note that if your Trezor One device is currently running firmware version 1.6.1 (bootloader version 1.4.0), your device memory will be wiped after this update. Please make sure you have the correct recovery seed with you, as you will need to recover your Trezor device from seed backup.

You can test your recovery seed before you update device firmware.

Remember that if you use a passphrase, you will need to re-enable the feature after recovering your Trezor. Use the same passphrase to re-access your wallet.

Zcash Overwinter Update

As Zcash Overwinter update will arrive very soon, we have made our best effort to have all Trezor users ready on time. Overwinter network upgrade is planned at block height 347500, which at the time of writing is estimated to be on June 26, 2018, 00:45 UTC, assuming 150 seconds per block.

You will need to update your Trezor firmware if you want to send Zcash transactions after the network update. You will not need to move your Zcash coins anywhere before or after this network update.

For more information about the Overwinter update, please refer to Zcash’s information page.

Bitcoin Cash: Cashaddr support

On January 14th, Bitcoin Cash updated their standard address format, while maintaining compatibility with the old address formats (for wallets which continued using the old form). Today, we join the list of services which will use the new address format exclusively. For this reason, to keep using Bitcoin Cash, you will need to update your firmware first.

You can notice the new addresses easily; they start with q or p. Your Trezor device will not display the bitcoincash: prefix due to length constraints. If required, you will need to attach the prefix to the address generated by your Trezor device.

Trezor will only understand and use the new format. To input an old address, please convert it to a new address first.

This update does not require you to move your coins anywhere. After updating the firmware, you can continue using Bitcoin Cash as before.

Expanded coins & tokens support

This firmware update for Trezor One also contains support for various new cryptocurrencies and tokens.

  • Lisk, Decred, Bitcoin Private, Fujicoin, Groestlcoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Zcoin

These coins were added into the device firmware and will be gradually surfacing in Trezor Wallet as well. They can be accessed via third-party applications like Electrum. Vertcoin is available in Trezor Wallet.

  • EOS Classic, Ethereum Social, Ellaism, Callisto, EtherGem, Wanchain
  • 500+ new Ethereum tokens recognized

These coins and tokens are generally accessible from third-party applications, developed by the coin developers, or MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto. They are not accessible from Trezor Wallet yet, but we are working on our own Ethereum wallet.

Security improvements

The firmware update also contains security improvements by fuzzing efforts of Christian Reitter and Jochen Hoenicke.

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