THÉO Project integrates Ethereum into Syná wallet



The THÉO Project announced today the integration of Ethereum for its Syná mobile wallets (available for iOS and Android) and for its Syná+ Chrome browser extension. Syná now offers full support for ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

The expansion into the Ethereum community is the first of many protocol integrations planned for Syná which initially launched on the Aion protocol. The push towards greater multi-protocol support illustrates the THÉO Project’s commitment to developing an accessible crypto solution that satisfies the needs of all crypto users.

The integration of Ethereum is the first release as part of a longer-term roadmap which includes integrating an exchange service and commerce solution as a way for users to seamlessly buy goods and services with crypto via the Syná wallet.

According to Nicolas Wilson, Head of Business Strategy for the THÉO Project, “We continue to believe that a cryptocurrency is a great form of money.  As blockchain technology continues to develop closer to a point of sufficient maturity, we expect cryptocurrency, either pegged to FIAT currencies or free-floating, will continue to be accepted and used as a primary medium to conduct commerce globally.”

Maintaining its goal to address some of the crypto challenges to date, the Syná wallet library is designed to deliver a clean and simple user experience that provides both utility and ease of use.

Amanda Dorenberg, Chief Marketing Technology Officer for the THÉO Project notes, “The integration of Ethereum is a major step in achieving our overarching goal to encourage wider adoption of decentralization, providing our users with the ability to securely maintain one’s wealth and intuitively manage assets. The THÉO Project’s vision is to provide as much utility as possible while ensuring a broader vision with regards to dApps and their capabilities. We have a deep-rooted understanding of blockchain and crypto, but it is our business expertise and vision that fuels us to continue to advance the features and capabilities of our products within this evolving industry.”


The Syná wallet includes an iPhone and Android mobile dApps and a desktop dApp. Using the Centrys THÉO Agora engine, Syná aims to provide a user-friendly and accessible option to consumers that enable them to store and access their preferred cryptocurrency as well as use it to interact with new and innovative businesses. The goal of Syná is to provide both the advanced features crypto-experts have come to expect and allow adoption by those less familiar with crypto by allowing easier access into the world of digital transactions.


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