SonyCoin? Newly Filed Sony Patent Hints at Mining Hardware

Sony patent sonycoin

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Cryptocurrency mining is a massive industry, so it’s no surprise that so many businesses are looking to get in on the action. Two new patents filed by Sony hint at blockchain-based ambitions for their next wave of hardware.

The two filings, “Electronic Node and Method for Maintaining a Distributed Ledger”, and “Device and System”. Both filings show that Sony is looking to introduce blockchain-related hardware to its repertoire in the near future.  Whether this will take the form of dedicated mining hardware or the incorporation of blockchain into future projects in other ways, remains to be seen.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has hinted at its blockchain ambitions. With cryptocurrencies becoming an increasingly powerful market force, we can expect to see more of the world’s biggest hardware manufacturers turning their attention to blockchain technology and the massive potential that it has. In Sony’s case, as reported at the time by Coindesk, past patents have centered around the use of blockchain in the management of educational data and security.

In the first case, Sony developed plans for both a hardware node and a method for maintaining the blockchain. The excitement was raised by the company describing the latter part as being a “mining process”. In one particular application of Sony’s proposed creation, the nodes would form a network similar to Bitcoin, that is to say, an open-access network with an associated token.

Whether Sony are planning to ultimately release their own coin is anyone’s guess, but it remains a tantalizing possibility. With this collection of patent filings, it’s safe to say that the company is, at the very least, considering how it can introduce blockchain technology and potentially implement the use of cryptocurrencies on its own network.

So far, Sony seems more focused on the hardware and infrastructure side of things, and less focused on the precise form that the distributed ledger might finally take.

What are your views on Sony’s involvement with blockchain?

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