Slovakia’s largest defense association welcomes 3IPK as first blockchain member


Slovakia-based blockchain company, 3IPK, has announced its inclusion as a full member into the Security and Defense Industry Association of the Slovak Republic (ZBOP) as of May 22, 2019.

3IPK develops software solutions based on DECENT’s proprietary Dore blockchain platform to introduce a breakthrough change concerning the efficiency improvement management in development, certification, manufacturing and in-service support processes for aerospace, defense, and other related industry sectors.

“It is an honor to have our application accepted by the renowned Security and Defense Industry Association of the Slovak Republic. This is an important milestone for 3IPK in our effort to finalize the development of our solution in large corporate industrial environments.”

Maria Capova, CEO of 3IPK

“We are looking forward to mutually trusting cooperation with major Slovak and international defense industry players. Through these partnerships, we’re able to demonstrate the tremendous added value blockchain can bring to their businesses in terms of process efficiency, enhanced cybersecurity, and overall business competitiveness,” Capova adds.

3IPK has recently joined two working groups which are operating within the Security and Defense Industry Association. The first working group focuses on aviation and astronautics, while the other is primarily involved in cybersecurity, personal and confidential data management.

“It is our ambition for 3IPK to be an active member of this association and contribute to further growth of ZBOP by introducing blockchain technology to all fellow members, so we can help them understand the benefits. These benefits can help us make Slovakia one of the leading nations in the implementation of industrial blockchain technology,” Capova explained further.

“The defense and cybersecurity industries are on the verge of being revolutionized by blockchain technology. Our association is proud to welcome 3IPK as the first member focused on this technology and believes it can become the leader in inciting widespread discussion on how blockchain can, and should, be used in our industry in which confidentiality, transparency, and security are of paramount importance.”

Tibor Straka, President of ZBOP

As for the next practical step concerning the partnership, 3IPK will join ZBOP’s booth at IDET (International Defense and Security Technologies Fair) in Brno, Czech Republic, on May 30, 2019.

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