Integration with MyEtherWallet (3 February)

A new year calls for new challenges and new opportunities. The integration with MyEtherWallet at the start of the year was quite the milestone that we were looking for. Already in firmware 1.4.0, TREZOR has learned to store keys to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, but MyEtherWallet was the last piece to the puzzle we needed for full support.

This neat web-wallet allows you to access ETH, ETC and all of the ERC-20 tokens with your keys safely stored in TREZOR.

Advanced Recovery (13 March)

Most of you already know our close friend and associate Jochen Hoenicke, known as Johoe, a hero of the crypto community and an incredible developer. His latest work excited us, and we decided to incorporate it directly into our wallet’s UI.

Advanced Recovery in Action!

The Advanced Recovery process completely obfuscates the letters entered on the computer. Instead of writing whole words in a shuffled order, you input individual symbols on the PIN-pad, based on the key layout shown on the TREZOR. The computer will never know which letter is entered, as the layout continually changes.

Litecoin segwit adoption (7 June)

Litecoin network was the first in the crypto family which successfully introduced Segwit. Since we love new features and we aim to be industry’s pioneers; TREZOR was the first hardware wallet that adopted Segwit accounts.

Segwit is a significant upgrade to Litecoin that has many individual benefits, mainly to do with scaling. Regular non-technical user benefits first of all from approx 30% decrease in fees. This became extremely useful especially in BTC network, a few months later.

Bitcoin Cash (1 August)

The very first Bitcoin chain-split of the year was born in August. We acted quickly and implemented the support in the first days after the fork. Our development team created a claim tool, which allowed you to safely split your BCH from your bitcoins, as well as full support in TREZOR Wallet. Currently, you can store the original bitcoins alongside with the other two forked coins — Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Fixing the SRAM memory issue (18 August)

Transparency is our philosophy, not only regarding development but also in terms of security. But it is not just about transparency, what is as important is the speed with which we act.

The SRAM memory access issue was reported to us through responsible disclosure and, together with the white-hat hacker, we developed a firmware update in just a bit over two weeks. Along with the informational campaign and notification in TREZOR Wallet, we deployed the update to you as soon as it was possible. We also released a detailed description of the issue after confirming with other hardware wallet manufacturers, doing our part in the responsible disclosure process.

Bitcoin SegWit adoption (28 August)

Bitcoin did not want to be left behind, and not long after SegWit adoption on Litecoin, it was also activated on BTC mainnet as well. This resulted in lower transaction fees and small waited transaction size. SegWit accounts were also enabled as primary in TREZOR Wallet.

More details about SegWit available here

Coin recovery tool (21 September)

Due to overlapping address formats between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (and Litecoin’s P2SH addresses), a new problem arose: coins being sent to a wrong address. To make their extraction easier, our developers created an easy-to-use tool (as easy as two clicks) to recover your misplaced cryptos, in cases where it was possible. Wanna say thanks to them? Buy them a beer!

TREZOR Model T preorder — launched and sold (1 November)

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are growing exponentially. While they promote financial freedom and offer incredible opportunities, they can be difficult to understand, creating challenges and risks for their users. Crypto world is dynamically changing, and we need to overcome our limits and bring new technologies. TREZOR Model T is our new and long-awaited device. Pre-order launch exceeded all our expectations, and the first batch was sold out in just a couple of days. We are now expecting the pre-ordered devices to ship in February, but we will keep you updated on all new developments.

The regular sale will launch in Q2/2018.

Bitcoin Gold (23 October — 20 November)

Bitcoin Gold took longer to implement because while they announced the fork, it took them a few more weeks to start running the blockchain publicly (due to a pre-mine period). As their development team has listened to our requirement to implement strong, two-way replay protection, we have integrated BTG into TREZOR firmware, deployed our own backend and released the support in TREZOR Wallet on November 20th.

FW 1.6.0 — BTG, UBIQ, EXP, NEM (11 December)

The firmware with support for Bitcoin Gold also came with support for other types of currencies. Ethereum-type currencies like UBIQ and EXP can be used with MyEtherWallet, after changing the network node in the upper-right corner of MEW. But the most significant innovation in this update was the implementation of support for the NEM blockchain, thanks to our community developer Saleem.

XEM/NEM (20 December)

NEM then implemented full TREZOR support in their Universal NanoWallet client and released the update. Have you tried it yet? Go ahead and report back to us!

Receive Address Verification in Wallet (26 December)

Our development team did not take the Christmas break seriously, it seems, as they continued to work and deployed an update between the holidays. This Wallet update encourages to verify the receiving address on your TREZOR device before using the address. This helps to avoid address-replacement malware as if the addresses do not match then your computer is most likely compromised. Rest assured though, your keys are safely in your TREZOR. And in case of doubt, trust the device, not your computer.


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