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On November 15th 2018, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network successfully upgraded and adopted new consensus rules. This hard fork resulted in a chain split and a new coin: Bitcoin SV (BSV). Follow the steps below, and you will be able to claim your BSV.

A Successful Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Network Upgrade

On November 15th 2018, the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade resulted in two separate chains: BCH and BSV. This upgrade included CTOR and other protocol upgrades to improve on-chain scalability, making BCH more suitable to be used as a global, peer-to-peer digital currency. This upgrade also offers new tools for the developer community, to create a strong ecosystem.

We monitored the hard fork, and as announced, the Wallet paused all BCH transactions, as there is no replay protection on the BSV chain. We re-enabled BCH transactions after adding a built-in replay protection feature in the Wallet.

If you own some pre-forked BCH, from before the network upgrade, you will now be able to claim the same amount of BSV. Please read further down, the precise steps to be able to extract your BSV (1BCH = 1BSV) with our BSV Extraction Tool.

BSV Extraction Tool for Wallet users

⚠︎ The BSV Extraction Tool is only available on your your computer/laptop browser, do not try this on the mobile app.

In the first part, we will taint your coins to protect your assets from replay attacks, by sending your full BCH Wallet balance back to yourself. This step is mandatory, to enable you to safely extract your BSV. This is a safe procedure, and your funds will remain in your Wallet as a new transaction. In the second part, we will extract your BSV and send it to your BSV address.

Part 1: Gain Replay Protection

  1. Sign in to your Web Wallet and input your email address and password.

2. Click on the drop down menu, and change the Wallet from Bitcoin (BTC) to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallet.

3. Click on “Continue to export BSV

4. You are now sending your full BCH balance to yourself to taint your coins, enter your Wallet password and click “OK”.

5. Click on “Continue to SV export

Part 2: Extract your BSV

  1. Click the checkbox, confirming you’ve tainted your coins (if not, review to Part 1) and click on Begin Extraction”.

2. Login to your Wallet and input your email address and password

3. Change your Wallet from Bitcoin (BTC) to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallet

4. Wait for the Discovering process to scan your Wallet (This might take some time)

5. Enter the address where you wish to send your BSV — ⚠︎ Make sure this address is able to receive BSV. The Wallet does not offer support for using BSV.

6. Click on “Broadcast Transaction via SPV Bridge” and “OK

“The community has come together stronger than before the protocol upgrade, and we hope to continue to foster this collaborative environment as we work together to make Bitcoin Cash the best money the world has ever seen.” — Bitcoin ABC

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