Rejected: Dash Cryptocurrency Jumps the Gun Declaring KFC Payment Adoption in Venezuela



Dash Merchant management has issued a public apology in regards to recent media reports of an ongoing relationship with the Venezuelan branch of the fast-food chain KFC. The statement came after a recent report from Forbes claiming that Dash was accepted as a form of payment at its Venezuelan KFC store in the capital of Caracas.

Antonio Sampayo CEO, KFC Venezuela said “For now we have only talked about the possibility of testing in one of our stores. Unfortunately, the people of Dash Venezuela hastened to publish a story about something that is not yet a fact and has not been approved by us, nor has the publication of any news about it been authorized.” He added ” Last week we made a call to Dash Venezuela to express our annoyance for this publication, and after apologizing, they offered to publish again a news item making the clarification. While this does not happen, the mentioned tests and therefore the project, are suspended.”

Dash – Victim To Its Own Exuberance and Positivity

While miscommunication is not uncommon among real-world services it appears that Dash was only just starting out with testing payment integration and had jumped the gun to get the news out in excitement.

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Alejandro Echeverría, co-founder of Dash Text and Dash Merchant Venezuela has spent the last three months working hand in hand with KFC Venezuela and promoting adoption of the cryptocurrency within the country as a whole. According to Echeverria, there are currently 2,445 merchants that are willing to accept Dash payments in Venezuela.

Reportedly, Venezuluans seems to have a soft spot for Dash due to its relative fast confirmation times. The average transaction takes two and a half minutes to confirm with its InstantSend service, while Bitcoin transactions take more than four times as long, an average of 10 minutes. This is has been one Dash’s main selling points in the socialist South American country.

Echeverria believes that Dash will become the dominant cryptocurrency for payments and store of value. By 2019, the aim is to have over 10,000 merchants accepting Dash payments.


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