OpenSea launches new marketplace for Ethereum Name Service (ENS)


OpenSea, a marketplace for crypto collectibles, today announced support for ENS (Ethereum Name Service) names on OpenSea. With the recent upgrade to the ENS permanent registry, registering an ENS name is easier than ever: just two transactions through the ENS manager app.

It’s worth mentioning that ENS names are now native ERC721 assets, the free, open standard that describes how to build non-fungible or unique tokens. While OpenSea previously supported ENS through the ENS Nifty web app, now the process to list on OpenSea is even simpler. There are already a gathering of names for sale on OpenSea, as it is the first marketplace to support the permanent registry.

“At OpenSea, we’re excited to play a role in the beginnings of the decentralized web. One of the core building blocks of the decentralized web is a naming service that allows web3 users to send funds, interact with contracts, and use dapps using human-readable names. We think the liquidity of these usernames will be vital for driving the space forward.”

Devin Finzer, Co-founder of OpenSea

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