New hybrid blockchain exchange ABE Global raises $3 million


ABE Global, a next-generation securities exchange, today announced it has raised $3 million in funding from strategic investors including Distributed GlobalGalaxy Digital, and Gumi Ventures. By unifying issuance and trading on a single 24-hour global exchange platform, ABE Global will connect European, American and Asian investors with tokenized securities and other new financial products.

“ABE Global will connect a world of investors with a world of opportunities”, said John Pigott Co-founder and CEO of ABE Global. “ABE combines 24-hour global trading with a unified compliance process for global markets”.

ABE Global merges new distributed ledger technology (DLT) and traditional financial technology. Founded by industry veterans John Pigott (BondPoint), Joel Blom (Thinkorswim, Inc), and Roderick Psaila (AgriBank PLC), the exchange will utilize tokenization to power an exchange designed to maximize market accessibility and democratize capital for more efficient financial products.

ABE Global provides real-time clearance and settling of trades, with the performance and safety of other major exchanges.

“Tokenization is about using blockchain technology to re-engineer the life cycle of financial assets,” says Joel Blom, Co-founder, and COO of ABE Global. “We are building an exchange to fully take advantage of this technology for low-cost issuance and trading of innovative tokenized financial instruments”.

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