New era for Trezor One begins. Expect great things.


Announcing a new price for Trezor One.

Get yours today for only EUR 69.

We always wanted to create a price-friendly, secure hardware wallet for everyone. After all, our mission is to bring intuitive and confidence-inspiring security and cryptography to the masses. However, this was not possible in the beginning. We had to go through rounds of development and grow with the market, finally reaching better-scaled production capabilities. Thanks to optimizations and organic growth, we were able to achieve that this year.

Yes, we are there! Starting today, Trezor One will be discounted by EUR 20, becoming even more affordable for the general public. The 23% price cut eradicates another entry barrier to security for all users alike, including newcomers to the cryptocurrency world.

What does this mean? One main thing! The Trezor One transforms into the affordable, battle-tested cryptocurrency hardware wallet for everyone. With continuing active development and continuously growing feature set, it is poised to become your key to the world of digital independence.

Join us on this exciting journey!

Wait, an expanded feature set?

Yes, you read that correctly. We have begun to work on porting our new Trezor Core platform, the system running on Trezor Model T, to the original Trezor One.

You can expect an expanded coin and token support over time, with other new features and services being developed for the Trezor One as well. Amazing, isn’t it?

Need more reasons why Trezor One?

  • Convenient and intuitive to use for everyone, including newcomers.
  • Intuitive and battle-tested product design.
  • Physical confirmation for all operations.
  • Long-term support, fully open-source and active development. New features incoming.
  • Get yours today!

New shipping prices for Europe.

Along with the discount of Trezor One, we are also happy to announce that we have managed to negotiate another discount with our logistics partners. For EU countries, we can offer you DHL Express shipping for only EUR 15.

For selected countries, we also offer UPS shipping, for EUR 10.

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