Nethermind to build optimized Ethereum client for the POA Network


POA, a provider of blockchain products and services for multiple chains, particularly the Ethereum ecosystem, has announced a new partnership with Nethermind, with the teams to collaborate on a new Ethereum client which is specifically optimized for the POA Network.

Nethermind is a robust .NET Ethereum client that allows users to sync with the entire Ethereum mainnet in 5 hours. The codebase is well-documented, manageable and supports multiple consensus models.

The current implementation is compatible with Clique based consensus, so PoA networks using Clique such as Gorli and Rinkeby are fully supported.

With the new partnership in place, Nethermind will begin integrating the AuRa algorithm, the consensus currently used in networks including POA Core, POA Sokol, and xDai Chain. Once the implementation is in place, modifications will target specific requirements for the POSDAO algorithm.

POSDAO is a Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm implemented as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Features Include:

  • Parameters which allow the validator set and block reward contracts to transition at a specific block number
  • Zero gas prices enabled for some validator transactions
  • On-chain random number generation
  • ⅔ Consensus quorum requirements

The partnership calls for a POA Network grant to support the Nethermind client and fast-track development of the AuRa and POSDAO implementations.

“We are excited to work with POA which proved through many great projects like BlockScout and xDai that they can bring both technical mastery and creativity to the Ethereum ecosystem.”
Founder of Nethermind, Tomasz Stanczak

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