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Our team keeps on growing, we’re working on some amazing products and we recently moved into new offices but I wanted to pause for a second, and share Alexey’s story with you, one of our latest developers to join our dream team in Amsterdam.

A story of languages

His story begins in Moscow, at the University of Chemical Technology where he graduates in 2012 to become a chemist-engineer… or not!

Describing himself as a “late coder”, he discovers Turbo Pascal during his second year at university. Turbo Pascal would be his first, but certainly not his last programming language, as his thirst for programming languages remains unquenched.

After mastering Turbo Pascal, he quickly moves on to C++, on which he would write his final thesis. He also dabbles with some Basic and Assembler and finally discovers Ruby. Ruby would become his language of predilection for the next 6 years, while working as a web developer for a commercial project. Fun fact, that project is still going strong, relying on Alexey’s solid database architecture and technology stack.

Give it a try!

Are you dreaming of a new start? To just pack and leave? You want to grow and accomplish more? Well Alexey shared those exact same thoughts in January 2018 and his dreams came true.

His story is best resumed with his own words: “I spontaneously pressed “apply” and here I am :)” Of course, moving to a new city, finding a new home and discovering the Dutch culture isn’t the smoothest ride for anyone, but he was here a ready to grab every opportunity.

His first assignment in Amsterdam wasn’t the most fulfilling, but he had done the hardest part. Move to Amsterdam. Now he could venture and look for a better opportunity for him to grow as a developer.

Joining the crypto world

Alexey admits that he only knew a little about cryptocurrencies before joining but he always knew that crypto was a promising field. He was looking for a new opportunity, where he could grow as a developer while staying in Amsterdam. He quickly realised that this was an excellent opportunity to join the cryptocurrency world from the inside, to learn the mechanics and a new language, Golang!

“I really wanted to grow as a developer and it was a chance I just couldn’t miss”, Alexey Chernyshev

Alexey grabbed the opportunity to join us, dedicated to developing the best cryptocurrency products. We are very proud that Alexey is now as one of our back-end developers working on our RISK ecosystem.

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