March 4, 2018 – ICO Alert Blog



Rabobank considering integration of cryptocurrency wallets to online banking, Virtu Financial pursuing legal action against fake cryptocurrency project, top 5 price changes, and more!

Rabobank is considering the integration of cryptocurrency wallets to its online banking system. Image from mihaiulia.

Rabobank Considering Addition of Cryptocurrency Wallet Support to Online Banking Platform

Rabobank, a large Dutch multinational bank headquartered in Utrecht, is considering the integration of cryptocurrency wallets to its online banking system. According to Bitcoin Magazine, the integration, called Rabobit, would enable customers to store cryptocurrencies in a wallet hosted in the bank’s secure online environment. Consumers would also be able to store and access fiat with their cryptocurrencies in one bank account.

Virtu Financial Taking Legal Action Against Fake Cryptocurrency Project, Virt Coin

Virtu Financial, a large Wall Street trading firm, is taking legal action against Virt Coin for allegedly using its likeness and claiming a connection to the firm. According to Business Insider, Virt Coin is a fake cryptocurrency project that published a press release Thursday claiming it was the new cryptocurrency of Virtu Financial. In addition to the false claims, Virt Coin’s whitepaper uses “stock photos of 20-year-olds to show the company’s upper management, instead of its actual staff.”

JD To Launch Transparent Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Data of Meat Products for Customers

JD, Wal-Mart’s partner in China and competitor to Alibaba, is implementing blockchain-based supply chain management for its meat products. According to Business Insider, this implementation will enable JD’s customers to track “each piece” of beef to each of its sources in Australia. The software is expected to be launch this coming spring, and it will provide customers access with transparent data, including “where and how the specific animal was raised, how the meat was processed, and how it was transported.”

Approximately 600 Cryptocurrency Mining Computers Stolen from Data Centers in Iceland

Approximately 600 computers used to mine cryptocurrencies have been stolen from data centers in Iceland. According to the Associated Press, 11 people were arrested, including a security guard from one of the data centers. However, the computers, which are worth about USD 2 million, have not been recovered. Police are monitoring electric consumption across the country in hopes of recovering the computers as they are used for mining.


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