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Featured – Algorithm Trading around the world has more than changed the way markets operate. Upwards of 85% of trading in the US is computerized and automated to an extent where traders only have to input their desired parameters in order to get the preferred results.

That’s not the case everywhere, though. In China, for example, 95% of trading volumes of major exchanges are still done manually. Hence, providing a large leeway for the inevitable modernization that comes with algorithm trading. That’s where AlphaNu steps into the picture.

What is AlphaNu

AlphaNu is intended to be a platform and a marketplace which aims to facilitate subscriptions to prominent trading algorithms tailored by Wall Street developers. It enables end-user trading accounts on brokerages to take advantage of algorithms brought by top developers in the world.

At the same time, it eliminates the otherwise prohibitive cost barriers and allows everyday investors to take advantage of the same tools as the top performing fund managers in order to execute their intended trading strategies.

The team behind the project aims to create a powerful ecosystem which brings together the best developers, investors, and traders. Algorithm developers will be able to sell their products directly to traders while receiving appropriate compensation for their work. Traders, on the other hand, will gain access to cutthroat tools coming from top-notch and experienced Wall Street developers.

The ecosystem itself is underpinned by the ANU token as a primary mechanism.

Main Advantages

Envisioned as a comprehensive trading algorithm marketplace and ecosystem, AlphaNu aims to deliver this type of trading to the masses. Its platform comes with a few distinct features and accompanying benefits.


The platform boasts encrypted data management as well as a blockchain-based revenue attribution. This means that users will be able to trade safely through a highly-secured architecture. Moreover, the revenue attribution which is derived from the products is tracked on-chain in order to guarantee full transparency and traceability

Cost Efficiency

Both developers and traders can use the platform remotely through AlphaNu’s interface. That’s because it’s cloud-based. Thanks to the partnerships with brokerages for direct API trading, the trades themselves can be executed through the API which connects directly to the trader’s brokerage account. This allows them to take advantage of the existing infrastructure. At the same time, developers would be willing to charge lower fees because they won’t have to share the IP of their algorithm.


Non-traders would be able to participate in the platform’s growth through different community incentivies. They would be able to purchase a share of the future revenues of the algorithms sold on the marketplace from the developers directly. This will enable them to earn from the growth of the platform on its targeted markets.

Team members and Advisory Board

AlphaNu’s team consists of renowned experts in various fields including but not limited to market dynamics, quantum trading, game theory, system architecture, new technology development, and so forth. Below are some of the most important members of the team.

Team Members

Paul Hsu – Co-Founder and CEO: Paul Hsu is the co-founder and CEO of the project. He has 20 years of experience in Finance and is a managing partner at THM Capital’s Quant Trading hedge fund. He’s also got experience in international advisory, economics, capital research, and so forth.

Dr. Sean Hsu – Co-Founder and CIO: Dr. Sean Hsu is the Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of AlphaNu. He’s the head of research at THM Capital and he has a Ph.D. in finanical engineering from Taiwan’s national University. He’s also an Associate Professor at Ming Chuan University with the Department of Finance and has experience in the fields of game theory, market dynamics, and time series.

Chih Ming Yang – Co-Founder and CTO:Chih Ming Yang is a co-founder of AlphaNu and the project’s Chief Technology Officer. He has 10 years of experience as a systems architect and new technology developments. He’s also holding a degree in Computer Science.


Allen SungAllen is one of the prominent advisors for AlphaNu’s project. He has an exciting background and is currently the Deputy Chairman of Taiwan’s Allis Electric Company.

Andrew Teoh – Andrew Teoh is an advisor with plenty of experience. He comes with a rich background working at big name companies such as Alibaba Group, ABN AMRO Corporate Finance, PwC Consulting, and so forth. He’s also a Founding Managing Partner at Hong Kong’s Ameba Capital.

David Kim – David comes with rich experience in Big 4 companies such as PwC Consulting and Deloitte. He’s also the current CEO at Blue Block in Hong Kong.

Jimmie Jeremejev  Jimmie Jeremejev is a managing director at the Beijing office at LehmanBush. He also has experience in other major companies such as Matias Patric Capital and RMG Group.

Token Sale

The total amount of ANU tokens to be produced is 10 Billion. Out of them, 1% will be allocated during a public sale, while 20.5% have already been sold during a private sale. The team has reserved 15% of the tokens, while 10% is intended for the advisory board. There is also a 37% reserve.

The public sale will begin on June 3rd and it will last until June 7th. The price per ANU token is set to $0.0025. There’s a KYC and Whitelist requirement.

Use Cases for the ANU Token are also plentiful. Let’s have a look.

Token Fees and Staking Model – The primary use case of the ANU token is to represent the value of the processed historical trading information. Developers would have to purchase ANU tokens every month in order to gain access to that data.

Token Deposits By Developers – This feature will improve on the developers’ existing algorithms. The developer would have to lock a fixed amount of ANU tokens for every algorithm listing that they create. The tokens won’t be released or refunded unless the listing is removed.

Transaction Mechanism – This is part of the efforts to enable non-traders to participate in the ecosystem through Revenue Contracts. They are offered by algorithm developers who would want to monetize their algorithms in advance by selling a portion of the algorithm’s future value.

Token Staking for Brokerages – Brokerages are intended to be an important part of AlphaNu’s ecosystem. The team intends to allow them to connect directly without any constraints. As the platform grows, however, they would require brokerages to stake in order to fairly value the resources which are being shared.

Partnerships and Investors

The team has managed to secure important partnerships. These include companies such as:


Abico Group is a technology group which is involved in electronic precision components, IT channels, as well as venture capital investing. Abico Venture Capital invests in new high-tech companies which solve inefficiency problems within the tech and financial industry. The goal of the venture capital arm is to apply new technological innovations in order to propel the financial sector to the next level.

Allis Electric Co.

Allis Electric comes with more than 50 years of experience supplying switchgear, electric panels, and electric equipment to the power industry. The company is always on the lookout for new technology and is researching heavily into the use of blockchain technology and fintech in order to design smart grids of the future. They are intended to lower consumer electricity prices and to save power at the same time.

Kelvin wallet

Kelvin Wallet is a quantum-proof cold wallet which prides itself as being among the most reliable ones in the world. The Kelvin Wallet team comes with backgrounds in cryptography and network security. It has designed AlphaNu’s custodian wallet.

Blue Block

Blue Block is a contemporary, institutional-grade blockchain advisory firm with a focus on algorithmic programming.


LehmanBush is a well-known China-based project management consulting and investment firm with operations spanning internationally.


Alphanu appears to be a reliable project with a value proposition which seems to have a well-identified need.

The team behind the project comes with broad experience in important fields which are in-line with the overall idea of AlphaNu. It’s also supported by a range of established advisors.

The project has also managed to enter into some seemingly important partnerships which should catalyze further success.


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