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Luxure Global Citizen saw the missing product in the blockchain marketplace in 2017, when it discovered the potential of making a cryptocurrency that is based on its bespoke business model. Luxure Global Citizen saw two main ways that cryptocurrency would complement the core business. It would let members receive a 5 percent reward in the digital currency and make it possible to purchase luxury products with cryptocurrency.


The best way to think of Luxure Global Citizen is as a new and improved reward program. Traditional programs of this type are complex and expensive to run, particularly due to the high expectations of the average discerning client who shops in the luxury segment. By using blockchain technology, Luxure Global Citizen can reduce costs while improving security and consumer engagement, along with the overall consumer experience.

What Benefits Do Luxure Global Citizen Members Receive?

Those who become members of Luxure Global Citizen are entitled to a long list of benefits, including full services and 5 percent cash rewards on monthly expenditures. Members get a Luxure Global Citizen Membership card in titanium, platinum, or gold. They also get priority access for exclusive items, a VIP personal shopping experience, complimentary appointment services for boutique stores, and access to the most sought-after cultural events. Members receive complimentary alterations and repairs (requested on purchase date) and basic cultural events. They can also get special gift boxes on the day of purchase.


Finally, members receive access to the top villas and hotels worldwide and booking services for chauffeurs and private jets.

What Brands Does Luxure Global Citizen Partner With?

As a luxury experience, Luxure Global Citizen partners with 1,200 sought-after brands around the world, all of which are known for their high-quality products. Just some of the partner brands include Tom Ford, Cartier, Ferrari, Chanel, Lalique, Zili, Lamborghini, Gucci, W Hotels, Piaget, The Ritz London, Harry Winston, Waldorf Astoria, the Four Seasons, and Rolls-Royce. Luxure Global Citizen also accepts new partners that are prestigious luxury brands that have discerning clients, so the list of partners grows constantly.


The various brands and services that Luxure Global Citizen works with include a wide range of categories so discerning clients can find exactly what they want. Categories include timepieces, jewelry, fragrance, fashion, beauty, cars, property, travel, art, corporate, bars and restaurants, and hotels.

What Is the Luxure Global Citizen App?

The Luxure Global Citizen application will put all the features of the company and its platform at your fingertips and is available for both Android and Apple devices.

The App

Members can enjoy the beautifully curated and shareable content from the more than 1,200 luxury brand partners. The application will make it possible to create a special order, view your account, view your monthly 5 percent cash reward statements, and upload receipts for organization. Those cash rewards are available either in cash or as the LGC-Coin, the Luxure Global Citizen cryptocurrency.

What Happened to the Originally Planned Cryptocurrency?

Populous World Ltd. approached Luxure Global Citizen to create this cryptocurrency and in return receive 10 percent of the invoices filtered through the platform. The two made an agreement, but on Feb. 1, 2018, Luxure Global Citizen decided to terminate it immediately. This did not hold Luxure Global Citizen back. Instead, its cryptocurrency experts got to work launching an internal cryptocurrency and launched a new website on Feb. 9.

Because many users were affected by the Populous World Ltd. announcement in September 2017 that was unauthorized, Luxure Global Citizen is offering them access to the initial private sale for the LGC-Coin. Those who want to participate in the private sale just need to contact Luxure Global Citizen with proof of their purchase from Populous World Ltd.

What Is the LGC-Coin?

The LGC-Coin is a digital payment method and cryptocurrency that Luxure Global Citizen sees as disrupting the future landscape of global luxury. As mentioned, the LGC-Coin lets members redeem their 5 percent cash rewards in this particular cryptocurrency.

LGC Coin

Holders of the LGC-Coin will store it in their offline cold wallet as this protects from security breaches that most hot wallet exchanges can suffer from. You can also request the coins be allocated to a wallet that you already have if you prefer. Anyone who holds LGC-Coins will receive membership for Luxure Global Citizen, along with all the benefits associated with the membership.

You can use the LGC-Coin to pay for special orders made on the application once it is released. The LGC-Coin is the first UK crypto exchange that is powered by LGC and the first cryptocurrency in the world for “luxury, plant, and agriculture markets.”

LGC Coin Sale

It is important to note that merchants do not need to host a node or mine or to buy the coin before they distribute it with Luxure Global Citizen, enabling partnership and providing for the rapid expansion to the list of partners.

What Security Does Luxure Global Citizen Provide?

Because it is based on blockchain technology, the Luxure Global Citizen program gets to take advantage of the inherent security of that technology. Users can also use their tokens via the application instead of the network, enhancing security. Address owners can transparently label their addresses, adding security for new partners. The platform also allows for the validation of unknown addresses, multidimensional scoring of addresses, and a centralized blacklist of bad addresses.

Is There a Physical Location?

Luxure Global Citizen currently has offices in London and New York, both of which you can visit with an appointment. In 2018, the company plans to make the first UK-based physical exchange in the world, which will be in London. Within the following five years, it plans for more physical exchanges in prominent locations.


For those who regularly shop luxury brands, Luxure Global Citizen and its LGC-Coin are worth looking into in greater detail. This platform and application will provide a range of special features for members, and membership is as simple as buying the LGC-Coin. Between cash back, access to special events and deals, and a high level of one-on-one service while shopping at your favorite luxury brands, Luxure Global Citizen provides numerous benefits with little effort on the part of members, other than holding some cryptocurrency.

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