Former Ripple CTO launches platform to allow users to easily write and deploy smart contracts



Ripple’s former CTO and Founder of Coil, Stefan Thomas, has announced the launch of a new open-source decentralized hosting platform called Codius. This decentralized platform uses interledger and enables anyone to write and use smart contracts, in a cost-efficient way.

In an interview with Fortune, Thomas explained that present-day smart contracts are unfeasible as developers are required to learn new and difficult programming languages. He also stated Ethereum is currently “ill-equipped and also costs users a dollar or more to execute a single contract,” in spite of Ethereum being the most popular smart contract platform. However, he added that he has high regard for Buterin and the two are on good terms. He added,

“[Codius] is an open source hosting platform available for anyone who wants a secure platform to built or host a smart contract.In the same way that cloud computing made web hosting more accessible, Codius will make experimentation on the blockchain more widely available because people won’t need to build from scratch.”

Thomas also stated that Codius will allow developers to use basic programming languages like C++ , Java or JavaScript to utilize all kinds of data, unlike other smart contracts. He said,

 “The existing smart contract architecture lacks an easy way to integrate external data sources such as maps or weather reports. This makes it hard to build practical applications.”

According to the company’s blog post, users of the new platform can access and use smart contracts through regular web browsers and need not use a specialty software. The blog post read,

“This open-source platform allows smart contracts to be written in any popular programming language and it lowers the operating costs by several orders of magnitude compared to Ethereum. It will reduce the barriers to entry for many and opens up the possibility of decentralized mainstream applications built using blockchain.”

Codius currently has two users; Telindus, an IT company in Luxembourg and Netherlands-based developer, Wietse Wind, the creator of XRP TipBot.


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