Ethereum Classic Developers Want To Test An Upgrade Proposal For The Network



It seems that Ethereum Classic (ETC) developers are working in order to test a proposed upgrade for the ETC network. The move to speed up the testing plans of this proposal came during a developer call that was held on Thursday this week.

ETC Developers Speed Up Plans To Test A Network Upgrade

The new ecosystem upgrade is called “Atlantis” and it is expected to take place later this summer. According to CoinDesk, developers agreed to launch the mainnet more than two months in advance than the original date and start a testnet on June 19 instead of in August as it was previously planned. Although they want to launch this new upgrade as soon as possible, last week saw different developers that were in disagreement with some improvements proposed by Atlantis.

This upgrade is expected to introduce some important changes to the ETC network. The goal is to improve interoperability with the Ethereum (ETH) network and to make it easier to migrate decentralized applications (dApps) from one blockchain to the other.

With this proposal, Ethereum Classic could be upgraded to Atlantis as early as in August, exactly the same month in which Litecoin is going to experience its halving. This shows that the crypto market continues to grow and expand despite many critics that believe that do not believe the space will continue growing.

Ethereum Classic was created after a hard fork on the Ethereum network in which The DAO smart contract that failed after a code exploit. The community didn’t find an agreement on how to undo the damage that was caused by the DAO’s failure. This is why ETC continued with the original chain and ETH forked with a new chain.

One of the concerns that some ETC developers have is related to the efficacy of making a fixed cap to the size of smart contract code on the blockchain.

During a conversation with CoinDesk, soc1c commented:

“I can’t tell what the future will bring. For now, we agreed to fork the testnets with everything included in [Atlantis] as it is, and reserve the option to modify mainnet spec and date in a subsequent call.”

At the time of writing this article, Ethereum Classic is the 17th larges digital currency in the market with a market cap of $868 million. Each ETC can be purchased for $8.51.

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