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Mobu is an end-to-end solution that lets ICOs launch compliant security tokens via the blockchain, and it is also a decentralized platform. Mobu addresses the difficulty associated with launching an ICO with a security token due to the regulatory, legal, and technical requirements. The platform does this with its complete blockchain solution that aims to take away the worry for cryptocurrency developers unsure about the required procedures for offering security tokens.


The team behind Mobu spans multiple professions with extensive blockchain experience. The CEO, Juan Engelbrecht, has experience with equities and stocks in South Africa and on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. In addition to having a cost accounting management degree and experience with equities and stocks, Engelbrecht was an early crypto and blockchain supporter who has worked hard to combine his passions thanks to an appreciation for decentralized tech.

The CFO, Paul Pelser, has a double commerce degree and is a qualified chartered accountant with plenty of experience as an auditor in the biggest local industrial manufacturer in South Africa. Other team members include Izak Viljoen and Petri van Zyl, the legal advisors, and Frikkie van Biljon, an expert computer programmer.

What Problem Does Mobu Resolve?

As mentioned, Mobu aims to tackle the challenges associated with creating security tokens as well as other digital assets that function as utility tokens. This is a significant issue since it can be challenging for developers to produce compliant tokens when the framework for them is so unclear. There are also some legal complications that get in the way of security tokens. This is particularly restrictive since securities are a multitrillion-dollar market but have been ignored on the blockchain.

The problem stems from the fact that the blockchain allows digital securities to cross borders, meaning they will interact with many jurisdictions. That, in turn, leads to confusion about which regulations and laws must be followed along with the hassle of trying to follow those regulations. This holds the industry of securities back since digital securities are more affordable to trade and float, plus more cost effective than their traditional counterparts.

How Does Mobu Resolve the Issue?

Mobu gets right to the root of the problem by providing a platform that developers can use to launch security tokens. Mobu offers the expertise needed to handle various regulations and laws, ensuring the compliance of their tokens.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Mobu?

In addition to aiding developers and cryptocurrency companies with launching their security tokens, Mobu offers a range of other services. It provides direct access to investors that are verified and fully compliant with security token firms. The platform limits the securities that are traded by these approved investors via the use of smart contracts that cover authorized compliance centers and due diligence.

The Mobu Solution

With Mobu, investors have the confidence needed for asset liquidation via the ability to leave fundraising when the issuer of the security doesn’t follow their agreed-upon timeline. Mobu also provides investors with dividends and voting rights. The platform improves the overall efficiency of the process thanks to the use of blockchain technology and has agreements with various banks to prevent blocking crypto-to-fiat transactions.

How Does Mobu Work?

Businesses who want to raise capital via security tokens can use Mobu to build their ICOs. The Mobu platform creates abstract smart contracts that are then extended to adapt to all security token ICOs. This abstract smart contract features the required code for conforming with the Mobu ERC-20 platform, as well as the MOB20 standard for adapting to the requirements and ideas of Mobu.

What Is the Token MOBU?

The MOBU token is a utility token following the ERC-20 standard. Of the MOBU tokens, 80 percent are for fundraising efforts with another 12 percent reserved for the team and frozen for a period of one year. The rest includes 4 percent of tokens for the advisors, 3 percent for the bounty, and 1 percent for the airdrop. During the token sale, there will be a soft cap of 1 million USD with a hard cap of 35 million USD. The standard price of the token is 0.15 USD with a bonus of up to 20 percent, depending on when contributors participate.

Mobu Token

The token sale will start on Dec. 1, 2018, at 11:00 UTC and last until Jan. 31, 2019, at 11:00 UTC. Participants can buy tokens using ETH, BTC, or fiat. Following the tokens, any tokens that are unsold and unallocated will be destroyed. Mobu will not release any more tokens in the future. Investors from the USA who are not accredited cannot take part in the ICO.

What Does the Mobu Roadmap Look Like?

The next big step on the Mobu roadmap is the pre-ICO, which will run from Sept. 1 to 15. During the pre-ICO, only ETH and BTC are accepted. The public ICO will then take place in December 2018 and January 2019. On March 1, 2019, Mobu will be listed on exchanges. The beta version of Mobu allowing security tokens will launch on July 1, 2019.

On Sept. 1, 2019, the Mobu platform will have the first forex PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) account ICO. This will occur if Mobu raises $10 million. Mobu will keep 20 percent of authorized tokens to ensure an increase in Mobu’s value along with the ability to add resources to the platform. As far as the Mobu team is aware, this would be the very first forex ICO and ensure honesty from forex managers about management fees, assets under management, and performance figures thanks to the blockchain.

Oct. 1, 2019, will see the Gold Mining Company listed on Mobu, which has already expressed interest. Nov. 1 will see the Crowdfarming ICO, which is the first of its kind and will occur if Mobu raises $20 million USD. As with the forex PAMM, Mobu will keep 20 percent of the profit for project growth. If Mobu raises at least $30 million USD, it will develop and release a regulatory-friendly crypto exchange on March 1, 2020.


Mobu is a platform designed to help the ICOs of security tokens. Mobu aims to aid developers with the complicated nature of following varying regulations when issuing a security token via its use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. The project has a clear roadmap and has the potential to revolutionize the multitrillion-dollar industry of securities.

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