ÐApps? Smart contracts on Ethereum? Use Trezor with MetaMask!


Announcing Trezor integration with MetaMask.

Thanks to the amazing work of the MetaMask team, we are happy to announce that Trezor has been successfully integrated into the popular Chrome extension for Ethereum.

Starting today, you can seamlessly use MetaMask with Trezor to check your account balances (ETH and tokens), sign transactions, but also manage your smart contracts, ÐApps* — anything that you are able to do with MetaMask. But now, you do not need to transfer ethers or tokens to MetaMask before dealing with contracts, cutting off one time-consuming task!

Moreover, since Trezor guards your private keys, you no longer need to rely on MetaMask to keep your keys safe. Your keys remain only in your Trezor, protected by the hardware.

* For complete ÐApp support, the ÐApp developer must first implement this integration.

So, how does this work?

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