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What is

“ is a global online travel booking marketplace built on the NEO blockchain.”

~the Team

ICO Alert Quick Facts

  1. is a NEO-based booking platform for travel
  2. $0.35 = 1 CGE token
  3. Pre-ICO: SOLD OUT
    Main ICO: March 31, 2018 — April 28, 2018
  4. 65,000,000 available in pre-ICO and main ICO / 100,000,000 total supply
  5. The alpha product (with limited properties) is live at

Exclusive Q&A with Founder and CMO Steve Hipwell and the team

ICO Alert: For those who are not familiar with, can you explain what it is, and what the team aims to accomplish? aims to disrupt the travel industry and provides multiple benefits over potential competitors within the market.

Main Benefits of Concierge:

a. 0% Commission model to suppliers, as opposed to 15% to 45% with other OTAs. Savings will be passed onto the customer as cheaper prices and increased service

b. Peer-to-Peer communication between customer and supplier

c. Automated disputes carried out by the smart contract

d. Immutable reviews that cannot be manipulated

e. CGE loyalty and rewards program

f. Multiple payment options: Fiat, CGE, and other top cryptocurrencies is a travel booking marketplace with a live alpha version built on the NEO blockchain (image by

ICO Alert: How does the token (CGE) function within the platform, and why is it needed?

CGE is the utility token that gives access to the platform. CGE enables the booking engine to run and is utilized for every booking made on the platform. CGE will also provide benefits and discounts when the token is utilized as payment. Plus, it is given to users as a reward for referring friends or writing reviews after their visit/stay.

ICO Alert: What advantages do you offer over competing ICOs in the same space?

Potential competition within the blockchain travel space typically utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, which operates on the proof-of-work protocol. Currently, this does not provide the scalability needed for a travel booking platform, with only 15 transactions per second. High transaction costs, powered by a mining network contributing to the unsustainable development of this blockchain on both an economic and environmental level, do not offer many benefits for a real-life use case. was designed to be a real-world use platform. Utilizing the NEO blockchain allows us to position ourselves above the potential competition operating within the crypto space.

NEO operates at 1,000 transactions per second, with the aim of running at 100,000 TPS by 2020, as mentioned at NEO Devcon. The current speed of a transaction takes approximately 30 seconds to complete, which is something a travel booking platform needs to consider when competing against market leaders such as, KAYAK,, Viator, and

The image below shows exactly why the NEO blockchain provides such a great foundation for over competitors operating on ETH.

ICO Alert: Have you tested your product with potential users? What kind of response did you receive?

Our alpha platform is now live and available to view! You can try it at User feedback will allow us to understand how the user likes the current design and functionality and the needs and desires of the user. From our concept research, both the suppliers and consumers whom we have spoken to think it idea and the utilization of the blockchain within the system is amazing and has huge potential.

ICO Alert: Your site says that “no personal data will be stored on [your] network at any given time.” Could you tell us about your ID/account solution which allows for this? How will you handle related compliance issues requiring you to collect some data?

We, like every other booking platform, do require a name and phone number and/or address of the user when they book a listing to provide to the hotel/listing. This data is stored on our secure databases and for the reason mentioned above is something we have to provide the listing for the time of checking in. No other data other than that is stored or asked for.

ICO Alert: How far along is the project towards its next big launch, and when can contributors expect to fully use the platform? Please feel free to share any recent updates.

Our alpha version was just released and allows bookings to be made. Our development team is highly skilled and can achieve many of the suggestions we put forward. Its seems the biggest challenge for us was the integration of a dispute mechanism. We have done vigorous research on the topic, and it seems we have found the solution. This is where we intend to bring in an AI to enable the platform to function relatively automatically, reducing our potential outflows and improving the user experience.

These are all plans we will implement as we get closer to the official launch of the platform after the current Alpha and upcoming Beta versions.

ICO Alert: As a non-Concierge question we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

We see the rise of utility tokens being incorporated into everyday life. Just as has approached development and use case. The more blockchain-based real-world-use platforms that are developed, the more we will advance with the technology. It is all well and good to be focusing on AI & algorithmic blockchains ­– however, we are years away from this being adopted by the masses. To really make blockchain something for everyday life, we need everyday usage platforms.

ICO Restrictions

As of this writing, has not announced any restrictions on ICO participants. Observe the laws of your jurisdiction and consult a professional if needed.

Pre-ICO Information

The pre-ICO began on February 14, 2018 and sold out. There were a total of 20,000,000 Concierge tokens (CGE) available during the pre-ICO, representing 20% of the total CGE supply.

ICO Information

The main ICO will begin on March 21, 2018 and will end on April 4, 2018. There are a total of 45,000,000 tokens (CGE) available during the main ICO, representing 45% of the total CGE supply. A maximum hard cap of 45,000,000 CGE (15,750,000 USD) is set for this period.

Bonuses are issued during the first 12 hours of the main ICO as follows:

The minimum contribution is 1 NEO. Despite the fact that some cryptocurrency exchanges allow the trading of fractional NEO, NEO is a non-fractional asset, so only whole numbers of NEO may be sent in any NEO transaction.

The maximum contribution is 250 NEO.

Once the hard cap is reached, any funds received will be refunded to contributors.

NEO is accepted for the ICO.

Token Distribution Information

There are a total 100,000,000 CGE tokens being created, with 65,000,000 available during the pre-ICO and main ICO.

Tokens are issued immediately upon purchase from the NEO smart contract. Learn more at

How to Participate

CGE is not an ERC20 token. It runs on the NEO blockchain. NEO tokens such as CGE can be purchased via the NEON desktop wallet.

In order to participate in the ICO, follow these steps:

1. Download the NEON wallet for your operating system at

2. Create a wallet if you do not have one already. Be sure to securely save your wallet details. A Ledger hardware wallet may also be used with the NEON wallet.

Open your NEO wallet or create a new wallet in the NEON desktop wallet program

3. (Optional) If you’ve just made a new wallet or don’t have enough NEO in your wallet for your participation in the ICO, send NEO from an exchange or another NEO wallet to your wallet address. (You may have to purchase some NEO first, of course.) Remember that NEO can only be sent in whole numbers, not fractions. Sending whole NEO can be tricky due to withdrawal fees — for example, sending 1 NEO with a fee of 0.025 means you will need to enter a total send amount of 1.025 (or sometimes 1.02500001).

4. Once you have logged in and have the NEO you need in your wallet, choose the option allowing you to participate in a token sale.

5. Read the “Important Notice” that is displayed and select the CGE token from “Select ICO token to purchase.”

6. Select ‘I have checked — It doesn’t perform verification’

7. Select ‘Purchase!’ Once the transaction has been completed, your CGE tokens will be sent to your NEON wallet by the Smart Contract.

Token Allocation and Use of Funds:

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