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Today let’s overview the most significant events that happened on the scale of the crypto industry during the previous week. Subscribe to our blog and keep abreast of the latest crypto news with Changelly Weekly Report.

The latest Crypto News

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is planning to launch its futures trading service. Due to CZ CEO Binance the new tool will include both longs and shorts on crypto assets, while the leverage could be up to 20 times:

Litecoin, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is outpacing its peers, with the supply of new coins to be halved in less than five weeks:

Dogecoin price has surged 37% after the announcement to be listed on the Binance exchange in the nearest future:

Great news for Tezos fans –
Brazilian bank is planning to use XTZ blockchain for STOs worth $1 Billion:

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has ordered the Bank of Venezuela to accept government-issued cryptocurrency – El Petro:

Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix uses a moderation bot to identify and combat crypto scams on Telegram. The bot built up a blacklist of Telegram users based on data collected over two years:

ZenGo, an Israeli startup that released a keyless, non-custodial retail wallet has published an open-source code for Libra’s first non-custodial wallet thus becoming the first alternative to the Calibra wallet, a custodial wallet made by Facebook:

American and British regulators vs. Facebook Coin. Spoiler: Plenty of tough questions to Facebook:

Also, UK regulators – Prime Factor Capital Ltd., a London-based hedge fund became the first investment firm focused on cryptocurrencies to win the stamp of approval from U.K. regulators.

Digitex Ltd, a commission-free non-custodial futures exchange with its native DGTX token unveils a liquidation model that benefits active traders:

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