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Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and the attendees at the WebSummit in Lisbon were eager to learn more about this new, open financial system that we are building!

People want to learn about cryptocurrencies!

Most people have heard bits and pieces about blockchain and Bitcoin but often people don’t know where to start. This is where the team stepped in to teach WebSummit attendees about how to use a wallet and about this new, open financial system that we are building.

Teaching attendees at the WebSummit about our Wallet and this new, open financial system.

The Wallet is easy to use, secure, and offers users full control over their crypto assets. Full control also means that people need to learn about managing their private keys. This is why education is one of our top priority. At the Web Summit, we encouraged visitors to test their Satoshi skills with our Ultimate Crypto Quiz. 👉🏼 Test your Satoshi skills now!

Test your Satoshi skills with our crypto quiz

Behind the scene insights

“One of the most pleasurable moments for me at this year’s WebSummit was when I spoke to a few skeptics — They were skeptics because of the lack of understanding what cryptocurrency really is and how it works. As we spoke and I answered their questions and went into a few details, I could see the ‘light bulb’ moment 💡 and their interest growing!” Gurps Sohal, Talent and Aquisition Manager,

“We were pleasantly surprised when so many people showed interest in participating in our quiz, moreover, the grand majority of our users scored high in the quiz, showing that people are beginning to know more and more about blockchain and crypto. ” Alejandro de la Torre, VP Business Operations,

“I’m very happy to see that every year more visitors demonstrate interest and knowledge in cryptocurrencies. On the other side, there is a growth in the number of larger, established crypto companies. This shows to me a healthy, growing industry that’s not easily affected by price volatility on the long run.” Nikol Daru, Marketing Manager,

Proud WebSummit attendees posing after successfully completing the crypto quiz and receiving their first crypto.

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