expanding support for Ethereum with new explorer

64 has launched a new Ethereum Block Explorer next to its Ethereum mining pool, increasing support for the community.

We are happy to announce the launch of’s new Ethereum block explorer.

Building on the experience of developing one of the most popular Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash block explorers, we now offer support for tracking transactions and network statistics for the Ethereum blockchain.

How it works

Users can search for any address, transaction hash, or block. We also offer information for ERC-20 tokens.’s Ethereum block explorer also provides data for real-time price, market cap, pool distribution, top miners, transaction fees and users can view the latest blocks information, hash rate, and network difficulty.

For transaction fees, users can see the average cost, average gas price, safe cost, and safe gas price. It helps users estimate the right amount of gas for their planned transactions. The new explorer will also display the estimated confirmation time for a different gas price.

“We will present more comprehensive data related service for our users. We are going to provide data insights for miners, investors, media, developers, and entrepreneurs in blockchain data service. We hold a very open cooperative attitude towards various partners and hope to make positive contributions to the Ethereum community through technology and data cooperation.” — Zhong Zhuang, Director of

Ethereum Mining Pool

A few month ago, expanded its mining pool offering to include Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The new Ethereum block explorer is part of our mission to increase support for Ethereum in an effort to help Ethereum scale its infrastructure. The new Ethereum pools include GPU and CPU mining options.

“The decision to offer GPU and CPU mining comes from the depressed prices across the crypto market this year. GPU miners are versatile, still profitable and are not easily replaced in a bear market. It’s common for miners to split investment into both.” — Zhong Zhuang, Director of

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