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On the 15th of August, hosted an event for beginners in Amsterdam to inspire everyone about bitcoin and blockchain. An event that attracted more than 100+ attendees interested in learning all about this booming industry.

Research has shown that only 5% of all crypto investors are women and 91% of the bitcoin community is male. Indeed, Nikol Daru and I have been part of the crypto community for a while and have both experienced in person those statistics during meetups and larger crypto events. As such, we wanted to design a event to shine some light on the women powering this industry in the Netherlands, while offering an in depth learning experience. All speakers and panelists were women and chosen for their knowledge and experience in this industry.

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We wanted an event powered by women to inspire everyone to learn from their crypto experiences.

During, the first part of the event, we presented an introduction to bitcoin and blockchain technology. We started with the basics and then dove into the more technical aspects. Finally, we guided the attendees into receiving their first cryptocurrency by downloading the wallet and receiving a BitcoinCash airdrop.

Attendees were then encouraged to make a first transaction and to make a donation to eatBCH, an NGO dedicated to feeding the Venezuelan population suffering from the hyperinflation of the bolivar.

Tip: You want more? Find the slides of the presentation right here 😉

After the break, we welcomed on stage a panel of women, powering this industry in the Netherlands, to discuss their experiences and views on this ever evolving industry. The diverse knowledge of the panel ensured a high quality debate over the impact of blockchain across their various areas of expertise.

Following the panel discussion we hosted an informal AskMeAnything session, where attendees could reach out in person to each panelist. The panelists were ready to answer questions in regards to the impact of blockchain in supply chains, businesses, academia and token-economics. The panelists were eager to share their knowledge and spread awareness about the impact of blockchain in their respective domain.

We were thrilled to meet all these newcomers and blockchain enthusiasts interested in learning more about bitcoin and blockchain fundamentals. At, we wish to educate and inspire everyone to this thriving new industry. We look forward in organizing more events for beginners to help everyone interested in learning more about this new field.

We would like to say thank you our wonderful team of volunteers that helped during the event. The panelists for sharing their knowledge and passion about the blockchain industry and Holland Fintech and TQ for their support in making this event a wonderful success.

Thank you to all of you for for brining the world one step closer to worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies. 💙

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