Binance introduces the Binance X Developers Network (XDN)



Binance, the crypto exchange and blockchain ecosystem company, today announced the launch of, a developer-focused initiative to foster innovation in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as on the Binance platform, which includes the Binance Chain, APIs, Trust Wallet SDKs, and Binance Charity donation platform.


Binance X supports developers and their projects by facilitating learning and collaboration on the Binance platform and connecting them with relevant Binance’s programs designed to help projects achieve growth at different stages of maturity.

These programs include Binance X Fellowship, Binance Labs Incubation, Binance Launchpad as well as the company’s strategic investment arm, M&A  and other partnership programs.

“As Binance has evolved into a platform with multiple products and services, we believe it is the right time to systematically foster a developer ecosystem to build innovative products and services on our platform. The Binance X team will help educate, create opportunities for collaborations and jumpstart growth of these projects via the different programs and resources we have at Binance.“
– Teck Chia, Head of Binance X

To achieve its core mission, Binance X has initially designed a variety of resources and programs in support of the developer community at various stages:

First, developers can find links to all of the official developer resources from every product on the Binance platform.

Second, Binance X has initiated a Fellowship Program that supports top developers and researchers to build open-source software in crypto.

To date, over 40+ projects have joined as Binance X Fellows, including Hammad Tariq of GoBNB, JP Thorbjornsen of BEPTools, Nikita Kozlov and Alexandr Safonov of BrowserBNB, Austin Griffith of Burner Wallet, Patrick McCorry of PISA, Jeremy Rubin of Bitcoin’s OP_SECURETHEBAG, and James Prestwich of Summa.

Third, the Binance X Evangelist Program recruits volunteer evangelists to run local and college meetups, reading groups, workshops, and hackathons.


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