Binance DEX announces multi-fold system upgrade aimed at increasing crypto-adoption



With cryptocurrencies finally gaining mainstream attention, crypto-businesses have increased their efforts towards providing tailored services for users of the crypto-ecosystem. Binance, the pioneering crypto-exchange, has officially announced a system upgrade, specifically aimed at gaining a wider user base in the expanding market. The update was announced right after Binance Coin [BNB] crossed a market cap of $5 billion, made possible by leveraging Binance Chain as the medium.

Further, Binance recently added 24 new projects over the Binance Chain, along with 14 trading pairs. The company’s recent upgrade to its mainnet version 0.5.9 was accompanied by a surprising cut in the exchange’s transaction fees and a surge in BNB prices. Additionally, Binance also made API enhancements for both the mainnet and testnet.

The various details of the planned upgrade was highlighted by @Binance_DEX who tweeted,

“#Binance DEX monthly update #3 – June

1. 24 projects issued on @binance Chain
2. 14 trading pairs listed so far
3. Full nodes on Binance Chain mainnet upgraded to v0.5.9
4. API service updates
5. Wallet development
6. Community updates”

The tweet also focused on Binance’s involvement in enabling hardware and software wallet support. The upgrade also involved support for its existence over multiple blockchains and Binance launchpad, an exclusive platform for selling tokens.

While Binance Chain has empowered users with respect to controlling digital assets along with supplying a free marketplace for boosting liquidity, Binance maintains its relevance among crypto-fans with its timely upgrades. Further, Binance also recorded the highest web traffic among the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges, alongside the San Francisco-based Coinbase.

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