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Cryptocurrencies have a global market cap of $257,093,582,603. Dominated by Bitcoin, fifty-five percent is divided between ICOs with various purposes backed by innovative ideas.

Due to a lower barrier of entry, building businesses through initial coin offerings has replaced traditional initial public offering, also known as IPOs.

IPO registration has declined 65%. 363 companies registered in 2014. In 2016, the number dropped to 128.

Amongst the sea of ICOs, there are three breaking records with concepts set to revolutionize scalability, the Internet of Things, and more by expanding the usage of blockchain technology.

Telegram Group Inc.

Encrypted messaging app Telegram has become 2018’s largest initial coin offering. Trusted by French President Emmanuel Macron, the secure platform raised $1.7 billion in March. Self-exiled Russian, Pavel Durov, launched Telegram in 2013 to offer a safe messaging experience.

Telegram is planning to use their funds to create an open network blockchain to support a new cryptocurrency. According to recent documents, Telegram is constructing a digital currency faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The goal is to create a coin that rivals financial corporations like Mastercard.

Telegram has garnered the respect of its users by protecting their privacy by any means necessary.

“Telegram doesn’t… do deals with marketers, data miners or government agencies.” — Pavel Durov

This “privacy first” mentality has gotten the encrypted service banned and restricted. Russia threatened to block Telegram services for not sharing encryption keys with government officials. Telegram has also faced restrictions in Iran for not cooperating with authorities.

With 700,000 new customers signing up daily, the secure messenger has replaced Facebook’s WhatsApp. Telegram’s dedication to confidentiality has created a cult following which has raised $1.7 billion, in capital, in two weeks.


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